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About us

The DLH company is one of the world's largest suppliers of wood and wood products with 50 offices in 25 countries. The dynamic development of the Polish economy caused that DLH Group has chosen Poland as a place of strategic investments. DLH began its activity in Poland in 1990. And has for more than 25 years focused on the use of two market segments: industry and market of professional contractors.
In a short period of time we have created a multi-point distribution network located in major Polish cities. Our own sales network, our own warehouses and stocks allow immediate sale of all offered goods and a team of competent traders made us the absolute leader in the import and distribution of exotic wood. Being a leader we consider as a challenge to further expansion and development. DLH is a company with Scandinavian roots, but operates globally. We respect and adapt to different markets and cultures in which we operate.
Our main goal is to provide professional service and top quality products. Sales department of DLH Poland is a team of professionals and specialists with extensive knowledge of a wide range of products. Orders are executed quickly and efficiently, in close cooperation with the purchasing department, warehouse and logistics department. Sales team knows the market and ensures that customers always receive the right product for the right price.

Our brands

High standard of quality of iDECK is responsible for luxurious and beautiful appearance. These products have earned a well-deserved reputation of one of the most reliable materials for terraces available on the market. iDECK is the whole range of decking of exotic wood, which are characterized by high resistance to atmospheric agents. IDECK products are highly valued material used in the construction of patios, arbors, paths, fences, facades or pools.

Among the ubiquitous floating floor, massive parquet and wooden floors from the iFLOOR collection become synonymous of prestige. These products due to its characteristics, never go out of fashion. iFLOOR parquet floors give the interior a warm and unique look, elegant character and a unique microclimate. Customers can choose from several types of wood, not just from our geographical latitude, but also from Asia, Africa and the Americas.

Outdoor furniture from the collection of iGARDEN are an indispensable complement to any garden. In our collection customers will find traditional and modern furniture. Regardless of the appearance the material is exceptional because of its high quality workmanship and attention to detail. iGARDEN furniture is made of wood species, selected by the best specialists and that makes them resistant to sunlight, wind and rain.

Our values


Our business is based on hard work, business skills and talent of our employees. We have a large knowledge of wood and its properties. We are proud of our successes while maintaining the highest standards regarding people and the environment.


We have the ability to identify needs , improving ideas and to constantly adapt to changing business conditions. We have a huge will and energy to the sustainable development of our company through innovation and expansion.


We want our business to be always transparent internally and externally. We conduct business in a fair manner respecting the rights and interests of our employees and all persons, with whom we work.


Our activities include keeping high ethical and moral standards. This applies to both our internal cooperation and external policies, which fulfill criteria of CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) in relation to the environment, human rights and social responsibility.


We strive to have in our warehouses adequate amount of goods, reducing maximum order waiting time. DLH logistics solutions are tailored to the needs of each customer and enable the delivery of full truck cargo from the warehouse, containers from the port or smaller supplies.


DLH sales department is a team of professionals and specialists with extensive knowledge of a wide range of products. We are available to our customers from Monday to Friday from 8 to 17. We will answer questions by telephone at tel .: (22) 667-44-14. or by e-mail at wsparcie.sprzedazy@dlh.pl.

We want to be sure that the wood that we obtain comes from well-managed sources, so our present and future generations could enjoy all the benefits that come from the forests. They are not only a source of timber but also the habitat of wild animals, they play a significant role in water purification, processing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and stabilize Earth’s climate – these factors are essential to people’s life around the world now and in the future.

As a company aware of the risks to the environment we have introduced the Good Supplier Programme (Good Supplier Programme - GSP), which is a tool for collecting and analyzing information about the origin and legality of supplied wood. Wood offered by DLH is consistent with the E-UTRA Regulation (EU Regulation on wood), which requires retailers to be certain that timber from illegal sources willnot enter EU market. We have two prestigious certificates of traceability in the world FSC® and PEFC. Every year we submit to independent environmental audits as a proof of our responsible sourcing of wood. Forest management complies with FSC standards means that the pace of cutting of trees is not greater than the rate of natural reproduction of the forest and that the natural ecosystem is preserved and the rights of indigenous residents and foresters are protected. Every year we expand the range of products supplied from forests certified with FSC® certificate.


FSC Certification
Promoting responsible forest management is a key element of environmentally-friendly activities. Forest management complies with FSC standards which means that the pace of logging trees is not greater than the rate of natural reproduction of the forest and that the natural ecosystem is preserved and the rights of indigenous residents and foresters are protected. The objective of DLH Poland is to constantly increase the supply of certified wood which proves responsible forestry.

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PEFC Certification
PEFC is an international, non-governmental non-profit organization, established to promote sustainable forest management through a system of certification and product labeling. Products bearing the declaration and / or PEFC label assure that the raw material comes from a forest managed in a sustainable and balanced way. DLH Poland was awarded with PEFC certificate which is which is a confirmation that our company is constantly monitoring, adapting procedures and management system to meet current environmental requirements and control our sourcings.

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