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El Dorado like Terrace... - Tatajuba and Garapa golden decking from DLH Poland

Backyard terrace is no longer just a place to rest, but a unique space, which appearance reflects the nature, preferences and even the status of residents. Garapa and Tatajuba decking from DLH Poland with rich, golden tones will help create a luxurious arrangements of backyard space resembling of the golden sun of El Dorado.



Gold fascinated mankind for generations. With the glimmer of its unique characteristic color and difficulty in acquiring it has become a symbol of prestige, wealth and sophistication. In our times, when the gold fever belongs to the past, and the legendary El Dorado is invoked only in a historical context, the magic of gold is still alive. Gold accompanied us in many cases not always in its natural form. Its theme is used in many fields: from jewelery to interior design and gardens. Very impressive example of this is the golden Garapa and Tatajuba decking from DLH Poland.

Relax in an exotic climate

Garapa and Tatajuba are among the species of exotic wood. Both grow in South America, and both are characterized by exceptional durability and resistance to weather conditions, as well as biological factors. Garapa and Tatajuba from DLH Poland have one more thing in common: rich, golden colors that changes terrace into comfortable and luxurious space full of sun. Garapa, also known as the golden wood with yellowish-brown boards, which sometimes go with rich honey like shade. While Tatajuba is characterized by deep color from saffron to copper, which under the influence of solar and lunar radiation becomes dark brown, and even mahogany. Both species have a simple arrangement of fibers and fine graining, which makes terraces made of those materials a spectacular, solid surface which is the perfect background for the garden plants. The golden coloring of Garapa and Tatajuba decking from DLH Poland will harmonize well with furniture made of rattan, wicker or bamboo.

A perfect finish of gold inspired arrangement may be exotic flowers in decorative ceramic pots that refer to the culture of South American countries, comfortable hassocks with ethnic patterns, or design lanterns that will be a beautiful decoration during the long summer evenings spent with loved ones on the terrace.



Durability worth more than gold

In addition to the undisputed aesthetic qualities, Tatajuba and Garapa wood have a high durability and resistance to biodegradation. Both species have high degrees of hardness and stability while maintaining resilience to weather conditions and sudden changes in temperature, rain or contamination. They are also susceptible to biological agents, eg. insects or parasites (I and III class natural immunity). This ensures that the stability of decking made of Tatajuba DLH wood is estimated at 30-50 years and terraces made of Garapa wood - for 25 years.

Changes in boards coloration are a natural process, adding terraces individual character. However, in order to protect the terrace’s surface properly it is recommended to use protective oils twice a year. Not only do they bring out and emphasize the beautiful, natural color of the boards, but primarily prolong their life and make the terrace enjoy our eyes with its unique, golden glow longer.