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Scandinavian spruce

Scandinavian spruce

Scandinavian spruce (lat. Picea abies) – is recognized in Europe as the basic construction wood species. Wood has a bright color with a slightly yellow tinge, often called white wood. Elevation spruce requires maintenance with chemicals.


1. The wood Scandinavian spruce require protective treatment with impregnating paints available in our points of sales. We recommend also factory painted facades of spruce.

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technical data

1. Technical characteristics:
Weight: 403 kg / m3 (moisture content approx. 12%)
Wood density: 0.47 g / cm3
Compressive strength: 43-50 N / mm2
Tensile strength: 80-90 N / mm2
Flexural strength: 66-78 N / mm2
Shear strength: 6,7-7,5 N / mm2

2. Application:
Wooden facades, flooring, paneling, building, lumber.