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Collection of DECO LINE floors is made of precious species of deciduous forests of Warmia and Mazury with high operating parameters, dense natural grain and unique color.


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The layer floor from the DECO LINE collection floor is ready to use, painted, produced on the basis of an advanced technology and with the most modern machinery, which allows to reach the highest quality and precision in processing the material. DECO LINE floors are innovative, ecological and environmentally friendly. Wood for their production is carefully selected and comes from the region of Warmia and Mazury. Our flooring in 100% meet high environmental requirements which is certified by FSC. DECO LINE flooring consists of two layers: the noble wood, and carrier layer made of leaved plywood. The top layer is 4 mm thick and is made of selected oak (other types of wood also available). Thanks to the plywood with high performance the floor is more stable (more resistant to drying out) and also better suited for underfloor heating (good thermal conductivity and stability).

DECO LINE floors are covered with five layers of UV hardened lacquer which makes the lacquer last significantly longer than the one used in traditional parquet. In standard option DECO LINE floors are chamfered, brushed and finishe with lacquer. On the surface there is a layer of varnish with increased resistance to abrasion. Also, brushing process by removing soft parts of the wood increases the strength and durability of the floor and gives it unique character.

On individual request following finishings are available: UV oil, natural oil, smooth sanding, sawing effect, no chamfering or lack of brushing. The DECO LINE flooring is available in 2 classes of selection: Elegance and Classic, as well as several finishes from the modern to antique, such as Alaska, Vanilla, Grey Pearl, Cognac, Honey and others. For larger quantities it is possible to develop individual color and finish on customer’s request.

Class: Elegance

Similar colors, any grain layout available, allowed healthy knots, without sapwood, broken knots, discoloration and stains.

Class: Classic

The product most often purchased by our customers, retains a natural and noble look and the character. The varied colors, any grain arrangement, acceptable light and dark knots of any diameter and small bumps, acceptable whiteness and local discoloration. The basic size of DECO LINE floor is 14x120x1000-1400mm. Other sizes available on request, eg. 11x70, 11x90, 10x120, 15x150 15 / 20x190mm.

A simple way of laying the finished laminated flooring DECO LINE allows standalone installation which allows the customer to avoid the cost of hiring parquet floor fitters (installation, sanding, grinding and varnishing). Compared to traditional parquet cleaning of dusted areas are also not needed. This allows you to save time, energy and financial resources. Modern wood floorings from DECO LINE combine the advantages of traditional parquet that is: durability and naturalness and floor panels, ie. the ease and speed of installation without additional finishing treatments.

Advantages of the floor DECO LINE:

  • very high quality, extremely precise workmanship, modern and unique look,
  • very high resistance and durability of the product,
  • very good dimensional stability,
  • finished product, varnished / oiled, easy to install, requires no sanding,
  • the ability to use soon after assemblying,
  • possibility of numerous renovation and renewal,
  • wide range of applications (objects of different types),
  • reduction of finishing costs, chemistry and shortening assembly time.








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