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The most important feature of Merbau is that some of the vessels are filled with yellow, shimmering dust, which under transparent painting and lacquer coatings reminds meticulously crafted gold inlays in the form of fine strands. Merbau wood is enriched by nature in delicate gildings.

Color and mechanical properties of Merbau wood predispose it to be an exclusive material for parquet floors in the representative spaces, in public buildings and private homes.

The deep brown color of the wood lightened with golden speckles highlights the dignity of the place and fits well with modern equipment. At the same time dark color of flooring conceal dirt and scratches.

Thanks to that the flooring retains full aesthetic values longer, what is more Merbau wood has exceptional dimensional stability, is hard and therefore highly resistant to abrasions and indentations.


The offer of DLH Poland:

- Avangard parquet 14x20 / 25x200 / 250/300 mm
- * Lamparquet 10x50 / 60x200-300 mm
- Parquet Elegance 15x60x300-600 mm
- Floorboard Style 15x90x300-1200 mm
- Floorboard Elegance 15x90x300-1200 mm
- Floorboard Style 15x120x500-1200 mm
- Floorboard Elegance 15x120x500-1200 mm

Varnished floors:

- Parquet Style 10x60x250-600 mm
- Parquet Elegance 15x60x300-1200 mm
- Parquet Elegance 15x70x300-1200 mm
- Parquet Elegance 15x75x300-1200 mm
- Floorboard Elegance 15x90x300-1200 mm
- Floorboard Elegance 15x120x300-1200 mm
- Floorboard Elegance 2L / 3L 15x90 / 120x1220 mm

* On customer’s request

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