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Wenge - wood with a magical power.

Wenge is a unique type of wood full of magical power. For thousands of years it has been used by the indigenous people of the black continent for the manufacture of ceremonial masks and statuettes of pagan gods unknown to us. It participated in mystical rituals, strengthening secret spells of shamans because of the expressive drawings of darker and lighter bands of wood which boosted the imagination.

Equally interesting intensive dark-brown color makes Wenge valued material. Wenge wood is ideal for making highly exploited floors, especially in public buildings (hotels, banks and bars), giving them exclusive character. With high density Wenge has high abrasion resistance, and also thanks to dark surfaces it is also hard to see any traces of dirt. Another advantage of this truly exotic wood is a naturally high durability.


The offer of DLH Poland:

- * Parquet Avangard 14x210x260 / 300 mm
- Parquet Style 22x60x300-1200 mm
- Floorboard Elegance 15x90x300-1200 mm

* On customer’s request

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