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DLH Poland offers Timber from different climate zones, in the form of edged and unedged. Selected species of plank are available with FSC® or PEFC certificates.

Timber (Edged)
- Thickness: 26, 52 and 76/78 mm.
- Width: 150 mm and wider (in any thickness limit of 10% in the size of 100 - 140 mm)
- Length 2100 mm and longer (up to 4500 mm)
Timber (unedged)
- Thickness: 26, 52, 76/78 mm,
- Length: 3000 mm and longer (up to 6500 mm)

- Diameter: + 700 mm (depending on the species of wood)
- Length: up to 12 meters

- In dimensions on request.
If in the above dimensions there is none that suits your needs - please contact the nearest branch of DLH in Poland. We are able to present an offer on custom size sawing.


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Wood with a characteristic of the wood drawing and specific pinkish-yellow color with a tinge of violet. High hardness combined with the unprecedented ability to bend are the features that are valued in the furniture industry. Beech wood is also successfully used for interior for parquets or stairs.

American cherry

North American cherry wood is a valued material in the furniture industry and carpentry. Ease of processing, reduced tendency to crack and warp, in combination with an interesting pinkish-brown in color it is ideal for furniture industry.

European Oak

In the domestic market widely known and respected type of wood. A versatile product, but in Europe most commonly used for flooring. European oak comes with interesting range of colors and has a good technical characteristics.


Exotic wood from Africa. High mechanical properties and dimensional stability as well as an interesting orange-brown color of the wood made it one of the most popular flooring materials.


Iroko, African Teak, exotic wood from Africa. It is very dimensionally stable wood which, thanks to a high content of unstructured substances is also very durable. This species shortly after logging is yellow but quickly oxidizes to dark brown. Due to its high strength parameters is considered as a substitute for teak.



Exotic wood from South America. High mechanical properties, expressive brick color and natural durability makes it perfect in the furniture and construction industries.

Canadian Maple


(Shorea acuminata) Origin: Malaysia, Indonesia. A specie that because of the colors and properties gains more and more recognition as the number one in the production of windows and doors.


(Intsia bakeri Prain) origin: the southern, southwestern and western Asia, Australia. Brown or dark brown, straight fibers and the natural high resistance. Application: floors, stairs, railings, joinery, port buildings, sleepers, packaging for chemicals, perfect for the production of components in contact with water.

American walnut

American Walnut - wood from North America. Attractive colored heartwood combined with ease of processing makes it perfect for furniture industry, interior finishing, as well as for the production of artistic products or woodworking.


Exotic wood from Africa. Ease of processing, low density, uniform bright colors, low natural durability and lack of tendency to warping and cracking makes this species suitable mainly in the plywood industry as well as the elements for saunas, pallets, furniture, boxes, etc.


African mahogany, exotic wood from Africa. Cinnamon-red color, low coefficients of shrinkage and ease of processing makes it a predisposed material mainly for interior furnishings.


Exotic wood from South America, also called Brazilian oak. The creamy yellowish-gray color, ease of processing and lack of tendency to warp and cracking predispose this material for indoor applications.


Exotic wood from Africa. Expressive drawing and the dark brown color of the wood makes it widely used in the furniture industry in the form of solid elements and veneers in addition to high density makes it a very desirable material for floor covering.