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Smart Side



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LP® SmartSide pannels are an interesting and creative way to finish each building. Made of aspen wood shavings it has gained in recent 15 years a great popularity in Canada and the United States. Recently also in Europe consumers are choosing Smart Side panels solution for contruction of their homes more and more often.

In recent 15 years LP®SmartSide products Trim & Siding were installed in over 3.2 million homes around the world! SmartSide panels are considered as an innovative solution in a wooden building and are secured with decking paint at the stage of production in the factory. Before or immediately after installing the object needs to be painted (color according to client's taste). SmartSide elevations are quick to install, are environmentally friendly and energy efficient.

Facing must be installed vertically only. SmartSide panels are resistant to weather conditions. Protected by special preservatives boards are resistant against microbiological decomposition and insects. SmartSide panels can be used on brick, plastered or wooden buildings. It is also a proven method for renewing destroyed old facades and an effective way to improve sound and heat insulation of the object. The product does not require too frequent maintenance and cleaning, a smooth surface makes it difficult for dirt to accumulate. LP® SmartSide facing panel is sold in sheets of dimension [H x W]: 2440x1220mm, thickness: 11mm. Excellent mechanical properties of this product are certified with a 5-year limited warranty.