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American walnut

American Walnut - wood from North America. Attractive colored heartwood combined with ease of processing makes it perfect for furniture industry, interior finishing, as well as for the production of artistic products or woodworking.

Technical data:

1. Name and family
- The international name: American walnut, black walnut
- Latin name: Juglans nigra L.
- Family: Juglandaceae

2. Occurrence:
- North America

3. Description of the wood:
- Sapwood: narrow, clearly separated from the heartwood, creamy-white
- Heartwood: from light after the chocolate-brown color with a tinge of purple
- Structure: uniform

4. Technical characteristics:
- Fresh wood density: 900-980 kg / m3
- Density wood with W = 12%: 640 kg / m3
- Tangential shrinkage: 7.4%
- Radial contraction of 5.2%
- Compressive strength of 53 MPa
- Static bending strength: 90-103 MPa
- Elasticity 11 MPa 800

5. Processing
- Drying: easy, risk of desorption cracks
- Manual and machine processing : easy, does not require large forces, small tools blunting effect
- Bonding: Easy
- Finishing: easy to sand, polish, stain or lacquer

6. Use
- Carpentry (floors, stairs, window sills, paneling), furniture, works of art.