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Iroko, African Teak, exotic wood from Africa. It is very dimensionally stable wood which, thanks to a high content of unstructured substances is also very durable. This species shortly after logging is yellow but quickly oxidizes to dark brown. Due to its high strength parameters is considered as a substitute for teak.

Technical data:

1. Name and family.   

- Heartwood - the color yellow - brown to dark brown, diverse
- Sapwood - yellowish - white, width 5,0 - 7,5 cm
- Texture - clearly visible
- The origin - Africa

2. Technical Features
Specific gravity (kg / m3) 1.000 - 1.100
Specific gravity at 12% (kg / m3) 650
Tangential shrinkage (T%) 5.2
Radial contraction (R%) of 3,4
^ Compressive strength (N / mm2) 57
Static bending (N / mm2) 118
Modulus of elasticity (N / mm2) 9.900

3. Processing
Sawing: Good
Drying: Good
Bonding: Good
Nailing: Good
Finishing: Good

4. Use
furniture, floors, stairs - ordinary and special purpose - external and internal woodwork, massive, construction, ship-building.

5. Notices
good as a substitute for teak, very high resistance to biological destruction