dlh passion for wood



Exotic wood from Africa. Expressive drawing and the dark brown color of the wood makes it widely used in the furniture industry in the form of solid elements and veneers in addition to high density makes it a very desirable material for floor covering.

Technical data:

1. Name and family.
- The international name: Wenge
- Latin name: Millettia laurentii De Wild.
- Family: Fabaceae

2. Occurrence - trade name - availability.
- Distribution: Central Africa
- Main trade names: Cameroon - Awoung
Congo - Wenge
Mozambique - Jambire
Tanzania - Mpande

3. Description of the wood.
- sapwood: clearly separated, whitish
- Heartwood: yellowish-brown passing in purple brown, pink and brown with thin streaks
- Fibers: straight, sometimes slightly braided
- Texture: coarse, rough

4. Technical characteristics.
- Weight of fresh (kg / m3): 1100-1200
- Specific weight at 12% (kg / m3) average: 870
- Tangential shrinkage (T%): 10.0
- Radial shrinkage (R%): 6.3
 - compressive strength (N / mm2): 85
- Static bending (N / mm2): 200
- elasticity (N / mm2): 17,000

5. Machine.
- Sawing: requires strength, a moderate blunting effect
- Drying: the risk of deformation small, high risk of cracking, dries slowly
- Finishing General: possible difficulties due to hardness, special tools required
- Bonding: requires special care
- Nailing: difficult, it requires drilling
- Finishing: good

6. Use.
- Interior decorating, flooring, manufacture of high quality furniture for turned parts, handles of knives, decorative veneers,

7. Notices.
- very high natural resistance