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American cherry

North American cherry wood is a valued material in the furniture industry and carpentry. Ease of processing, reduced tendency to crack and warp, in combination with an interesting pinkish-brown in color it is ideal for furniture industry.

Technical data:

1. Name and family.
- The international name: American Black Cherry
- Latin name: Prunus serotina
- Family:

2. Occurrence - trade name - availability.
- Occurrence: Eastern areas of the US
- Main trade names: Black Cherry
American Cherrry
American Black Cherry

3. Description of the wood.
- sapwood: creamy white, width up to 5 cm
- Heartwood: pink, salmon - reddish brown spots with the possibility of resin
- Fibers: straight
- Texture: on average, visible, fine

4. Technical characteristics.
- Specific weight at 12% (kg / m3) average: 560
- Average shrinkage (%) 9.2
- elasticity (MPa): 10.274
- Hardness (N) 4226

5. Processing.
- Sawing: easy, slight dulling effect
- Drying: the risk of distortion slight
- General Processing: easy
- Bonding: good
- Nailing: good maintenance
- Finishing: good

6. Use.
- Interior decorating, stairs, floors, production of high-quality furniture, exclusive exterior and interior woodwork, musical instruments, with interior fitting of ships.

7. Notices.
- very high price while currently the most fashionable genre used for the production of furniture