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Wooden facades have long been used worldwide in the construction industry. Investors choose wooden facades due to the health benefits, economic, and environmental comfort. We encounter wooden elevations every day in modern neighborhoods, commercial and office buildings, private residences. We offer wooden facades of selected European, American and African wood species:

Canadian cedar (lat. Thuja plicata) is the perfect wood for use on the facade. Cedar grows in the harsh climate of the Arctic. Cedar wood is very light, with very high aesthetic (cedarwood is substantially free of defects), strength and insulating properties.

Siberian larch acquired in very harsh Siberian climate is a very durable wood, with small annual increments and brown-honey-red color.

Scandinavian spruce differs from the national nicer texture of raw wood, has fewer knots and small annual increments, which have a significant effect on the strength of wood.

Tatajuba comes from Brazil. This species of wood due to its density and natural properties is resistant to weather conditions, fungi and insects. Yellow-brown, and over time dark brown color of the wood, combined with a nice board profile will ultimately make the facade of the building very attractive

Okoume is a species very new as a wall finishing material of the building. Natural wood Okoume in colors from pale pink to brown is stained (eg. azure impregnates) in thousands of colors.


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Red Cedar

Red cedar(lat.Thujaplicata) -comes fromthe northernPacific coastof North America.Wood is characterized by high dimensional stabilityand excellentthermal insulation.


Red meranti (lat. Shorea pauciflora) - comes from South Asia and South-eastern Europe. Wood has light gray-brown to dark red-brown...

Siberian Larch

occurs in the north-eastern areas of Asia and Europe. Wood has a high natural resistance to weather conditions and to fungi...

Scandinavian spruce

Recognized in Europe as the basic construction wood species. Wood has a bright color with a slightly yellow tinge, often called white wood...


Proper installation of the wooden facade determines its durability, aesthetics of the building and its surroundings. Therefore, before assembling it is recommended to take a look at the basic principles...