dlh passion for wood



Exotic wood from South America. High mechanical properties, expressive brick color and natural durability makes it perfect in the furniture and construction industries.

Technical data:

1. Description of wood
- Heartwood: red-brown, sometimes black characteristic brown stripes
- sapwood: clear, pink-white, wide (6 to 12 cm)
- Texture: averagely visible
- Origin: South America

2. Technical Features
Specific gravity (kg / m3) 1.100
Specific gravity at 12% (kg / m3) 955
Tangential shrinkage (T%) 7.1
Radial contraction (R%) 3.8
Compressive strength (N / mm2) 107
Static bending (N / mm2) 198
Elasticity (N / mm2) 20,870

3. Processing
Sawing: Good, requires large forces and specific tools
Drying: Good
Bonding: Good
Nailing: Good, requires drilling
Finishing: Good

4. Use
furniture, flooring, interior and exterior joinery, high-class trim, stairs, rolled products, brush handles, decorative veneer, arched elements, carpentry products, industrial floors, heavy constructions, bridges and railway sleepers (locally)