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Interior Shutters

Shutters are made from specially selected natural, solid wood. Material of highest quality and the layout of grain ensures dimensional stability of the wood. Internal shutters consist of one or more panels. The width of each panel can vary depending on the size of the window. Each panel is a frame in which a system of movable slats is mounted. Normally, each panel is equipped with a vertical control strip. Shutters are covered with up to six layers of special polyurethane paint are resistant to moisture and can be successfully installed in the bathroom. They are also resistant to discoloration and UV rays.

Wooden shutters can be opened in three ways: hinged, folding or sliding, and in exceptional cases mounted permanently. Made entirely according to the individual dimension makes possibilities of arrangement limitless, even in case of very custom windows. Shutters are available in RAL and NSC range of colors, so you can match them to any room.